About Us

Aver Production was founded by Erkut Altındağ and Avni Alp Mumcu in 2001. It was started by an amateur entrepreneurship; it goes beyond in time. The crew shot their first film by "Pretec" digital camera which had no digital screen. By surpassing every impossibility, Aver Production had their first feature film in 2006. "Sword of the Samurai" was the third installment of Stargate TR-1 series. After this cornerstone for Aver Production, they filmed two award-winning short movies "Hedef" (The Target) and "Eksi Sıfır" (Negative Zero). Aver Production associated a short-featured film "The Envelope" in 2016. Nowadays, they are getting ready for the premiere of Gizem Birimi movie. They are also preparing four new movies in next three years. They are all accredited by IMDB.

This will be a journey of hope, dreams and perseverance. You are invited to watch the whole journey as an honorary guest, from the stalls of the theatre. Welcome to Aver Production's cinematic universe. Please enjoy yourself...