In Anatolia, a lot of unexplained things have been happening for centuries. Gifted children, abducted people and proper visits of advanced life forms... It is time to deploy a new law force to search and explore these phenomena. It is called Gizem Birimi, the new kind of police squad in Turkey begins revealing the truth.

Gizem Birimi is the flagship movie of Aver Production. It is not just a feature film, it was designed as the first step in the new cinematic universe of Aver Production. It was transformed into an international film production by time. The soundtrack is composed by American musician Gage Hurley and Turkish music group called Asitane. The only officially selling soundtrack before the releasing in the world is GB OST.

A new tv series will accompany to Gizem Birimi in the next season. It will include pilot sections plus ten original chapters. GB will satisfy sci-fiction fans with many scientific references, it has also fairly high laugh ratio. It is very uniquely in its own genre.

Gizem Birimi will be available in selected distribution channels worldwide with subtitle support. Please stay tuned...