Stargate Tr-1 Series were inspired by original Stargate movie and TV series, but with one difference: the sequel is a mix of comedy and sci-fi genres. In the sequel we worked with over 100 actors and actress, including all amateurs and professionals. That's the rise of "Aver Production" notion, it will continue with SG4: Uprising.

The Paradox, a social responsibility project, describes the dangers waiting for young people with a cinematographic point of view.

In Negative Zero, A family faces a new kind of government experiment without any warning. This award-winning short movie touches all hearts; witness the inseparable ties between a father and his daughter.

Hedef (Target) tells a story about an elite assassin is deployed for his last work by a secret crime organization. He soon realizes that nothing as it seems. Hedef is a film with striking visual effects and its soundtrack; Asitane music group composed the theme music.